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I grew up in the Bronx, moved to the Albany area in 1980. Let me tell you, what a culture shock. Everything closed down early and there was nothing to do on Sunday nights. Lets see, I met my husband on the internet. I did penpals on AOL. It was winter and I don't like going on in the winter. Ray and I will be married 15 years on May 24, 2012. Ray has a son Patrick who is living with us. He's getting older and I want to be a grandmother some day. LOL So, I live in a little city called Gloversville, it is a depressed area or is it I am depressed because we live here? I think it may be both. I haven't worked for the last couple of years. I am disabled, hurt my back when I worked for the Visiting Nurses of Albany. I did a good job on myself. I can only work part time and that is hard to find that up here. So I am a housewife for now. I want to be a writer, I will let everyone know when I get published. I am looking forward to my husband's retirement. He can retire any time now, he has his 25 years in. He is a Correction Office for the State. We are hoping to sell this house in the next two years and move to NC. I have family down there and I am looking forward to that move. Need to get away from the cold and the snow. Anything else? married, happy, one son, disabled, writer not published, in truth I don't even have a finished manuscript yet. I am psychic, I'm really tired right now. Oh most important I have four cats; Mulder, Scully, Sammie, and Meowie. We have moved to North Carolina. Its great I love it here and I am pretty sure that Ray likes it too. We now have a very big dog. Kirby, he is a story all by himself. he was found starving in a ditch at about 3 months old. I don't understand how people can do that, but he lives with us and he is very happy Our four cats are doing well, um, well Meowie is sick, she has been in liver failure since August of 2010. After we moved. Poor thing lost 4lbs which is a lot for a cat that weights 11 lbs.

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